Dead Scene Radio EP Reviews

The EP has been seeing positive reviews all around. As always, hit up the Store to order yourself a copy.

One particularly nice review the EP has seen was from

“Dead Scene Radio is what you get when you smash Elvis Costello-like vocals with Bob Dylan-ish lyrics and a smidgen of electric guitar – the pace is upbeat and jovial. The lead singer sometimes sounds like he has a stuffed-up nose, but it works itself into the music as a stylistic mechanism. We should be looking at this EP as a good indicator of what’s to come because really, can you ever have too much Elvis Costello or Bobby D.?”

And from Recoil:

“[T]his indie rock quartet puts pleasant into punk and accessibility into indie. What saves the production from being intellectual but ultimately tiresome is the complete contrast of the un-hyped delivery and the deceptively energetic frenzy of the songs themselves; we are able to hear the composition of the song without unconvincingly urgent pretensions – i.e., they sing, instead of trying to sell a non-melody by yelling, and they manage to sound convincingly enthusiastic doing it. You can hear Phish, Bad Religion and Iron Maiden in there, too.”

Thanks everybody!