Dead Scene Radio Shows, EP Sales


So the EP has been available at shows for a while now, and we’re seeing pretty positive responses from a lot of people. If you’ve bought a copy, thank you! If you still haven’t, head over to the store and pick one up!

If you check out Dead Scene Radio’s page, you can see some more photos of the band, including ones from their show last month with THE HARD LESSONS. Jake from Dead Scene Radio and Augie from the Hard Lessons both did Cocaine on stage (as evidenced above), and everyone played their asses off. We even decided on a couple of the new songs that MUST go on the bands full-length record.

Want to hear some of the bands new songs? Well, they played some of them on the radio recently. Three new songs from their performance on Kalamazoo’s own WIDR are up on the band’s MySpace page. While you’re there, check out dates for upcoming shows in (among others) Grand Rapids, and a show in Milwaukee with ARCTIC MONKEYS. Oh yeah, that’s right.

And Detroit, they might be headed your way sooner than we thought, so keep your eyes on the internet, and your ear to the ground…








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