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  • The Darts live! At… Meijer?

    Yeah, you read that title right, the Darts will be playing two shows this week at two different Meijer locations. Every year in college towns, Meijer has what they call Back to College events. They’re usually late-night, and these are no exceptions. The Darts will be at the Meijer in Lafayette Indiana from 10:30p-2a on […]

  • Shower Power

    We stumbled across a giant superman… Why is this here, what does it do?… We found a nice little fountain around the University of Indiana. “Do it Chris, you know you want a nice shower, c’mon i’ll buy you a $5 footlong.” Refreshing… Thank you for the shower Indiana! We are at reggies rock club […]

  • Mac’s Bar this Saturday!

    The Darts are going to be back from their tour this week, and they’re playing a show as kind of a homecoming. They’ll be playing at Mac’s Bar here in Lansing with sweet Michigan bands like GoGo Yugo, Simien the Whale, and one of my favorites the Pop Project. Doors at 9p, cover’s only $7. […]

  • Fayetteville, NC

    We stayed with our hometown buddy Jeff and his new puppy Remington… He took us here for breakfast… In other news, Chris likes to sneak into pictures… The men are good at sleeping…

  • New York and Virginia Beach

    Well, we’ve been having fun still. We just had our last night in New York yesturday. We played with some really sweet bands (Shock Cinema & Diamond Jackie) at The Lit Lounge. Toll roads suck. We left mighty eary this morning…6am. That way we could make it to Virginia Beach by this afternoon. We did, and […]

  • Concordia

    A ton of things have been happening in DartsLand. Here is a nice little list: *We played in Pittsburgh with a bunch of nice noise/hardcore bands. The Perk? It was at an arcade and we got to play all of the Galaga we wanted for free. *One of those nice bands, Nancy Drew, invited us […]

  • Bowling Green, OH

    So, last night we played at Howard’s Club H. It was fun, some awesome rappers opened the show. Stop Don’t Stop was quite powerful as well. As for the night, we went to a converted church house. It was nice, secret passage ways, cool bathrooms, and baptism cellars. We slept on floor in our sleeping […]

  • The Darts Tour Blog!

    The Darts will be writing embarking on tour tonight, and they’ll be posting stories, photos, and information here. Be sure to not miss them, they’re a hell of a live band. Ian!

  • Free mp3 Downloads from Attraction Records!

    So these are available on our MySpace page too, but if you’re looking for the new Darts EP, head over to our online store for some free mp3s, or a zip file of the whole thing, complete with high-quality artwork We’re pumped about it, and it’ll be available at Darts shows from now until the […]

  • The Darts new EP!

    The new Darts EP is just about done! It will be available at their shows on the current tour, from Lansing to NYC and back again. We’re also making the whole thing available as an mp3 download here on the website, as well as on our MySpace page. But if you’re an audiophile, go see […]