More free music from Attraction Records!

December 1st, 2008

Once again, we’re bringing you free tunes for your listening pleasure!

In the holiday spirit, the Darts went into the studio, finalized the arrangement, wrote the last lyrics, recorded and mixed this festive holiday tune – all in one evening! What is it called? Head over to our MySpace page or click the link below to find out…

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Free mp3 Downloads from Attraction Records!

July 31st, 2008

So these are available on our MySpace page too, but if you’re looking for the new Darts EP, head over to our online store for some free mp3s, or a zip file of the whole thing, complete with high-quality artwork

We’re pumped about it, and it’ll be available at Darts shows from now until the limited-release of 100 copies is gone. That’s the only way to get high-quality copies of these songs – at least until the Darts full-length LP comes out.

Darts Tour.

July 20th, 2008

So the Darts are going to be going on tour this August.

They’re going to be hitting the road and running all the way to New York City and back again.

We’ll be posting the exact dates and locations soon, but stay tuned if you’re a Darts fan outside of the Great Lakes State.


An Attraction Tribute to Alex Chilton.

March 26th, 2010

If you’re a fan on the Replacements you’ve probably heard his name. If you are a fan of Big Star you know exactly who he is.

Alex Chilton died last week, and a few of us got together for a musical tribute to him. Give it a look here:

Another positive review for Dead Scene Radio

November 6th, 2009

dsrrevueWe always like it when people give us a pat on the back, and Revue West Michigan apparently felt like giving us one.

Kalamazoo outfit Dead Scene Radio gives listeners an EP full of music that could only come from Michigan, but plays well anywhere. Its sound is so tight and solid it breaks the molds of musical convention like a punch to the nose.

DSR’s EP has a stronger voice and cleaner production than full-length efforts from better known bands, and the result is as ironic as the band’s darker lyrics played against its high energy guitars. The vocals are hinged on a reliable musicality that is not afraid of melodies and rhythms that don’t just drive – they hit and run.

Aww, thanks guys.

Want to hear what they’re talking about? Check out the Attraction Records webstore and pick up a copy. Only $6!

Dead Scene Radio EP Reviews

September 6th, 2009

The EP has been seeing positive reviews all around. As always, hit up the Store to order yourself a copy.

One particularly nice review the EP has seen was from

“Dead Scene Radio is what you get when you smash Elvis Costello-like vocals with Bob Dylan-ish lyrics and a smidgen of electric guitar – the pace is upbeat and jovial. The lead singer sometimes sounds like he has a stuffed-up nose, but it works itself into the music as a stylistic mechanism. We should be looking at this EP as a good indicator of what’s to come because really, can you ever have too much Elvis Costello or Bobby D.?”

And from Recoil:

“[T]his indie rock quartet puts pleasant into punk and accessibility into indie. What saves the production from being intellectual but ultimately tiresome is the complete contrast of the un-hyped delivery and the deceptively energetic frenzy of the songs themselves; we are able to hear the composition of the song without unconvincingly urgent pretensions – i.e., they sing, instead of trying to sell a non-melody by yelling, and they manage to sound convincingly enthusiastic doing it. You can hear Phish, Bad Religion and Iron Maiden in there, too.”

Thanks everybody!


Dead Scene Radio Shows, EP Sales

September 1st, 2009

So the EP has been available at shows for a while now, and we’re seeing pretty positive responses from a lot of people. If you’ve bought a copy, thank you! If you still haven’t, head over to the store and pick one up!

If you check out Dead Scene Radio’s page, you can see some more photos of the band, including ones from their show last month with THE HARD LESSONS. Jake from Dead Scene Radio and Augie from the Hard Lessons both did Cocaine on stage (as evidenced above), and everyone played their asses off. We even decided on a couple of the new songs that MUST go on the bands full-length record.

Want to hear some of the bands new songs? Well, they played some of them on the radio recently. Three new songs from their performance on Kalamazoo’s own WIDR are up on the band’s MySpace page. While you’re there, check out dates for upcoming shows in (among others) Grand Rapids, and a show in Milwaukee with ARCTIC MONKEYS. Oh yeah, that’s right.

And Detroit, they might be headed your way sooner than we thought, so keep your eyes on the internet, and your ear to the ground…