Attraction Records.

  • An Attraction Tribute to Alex Chilton.

    If you’re a fan on the Replacements you’ve probably heard his name. If you are a fan of Big Star you know exactly who he is. Alex Chilton died last week, and a few of us got together for a musical tribute to him. Give it a look here:

  • Another positive review for Dead Scene Radio

    We always like it when people give us a pat on the back, and Revue West Michigan apparently felt like giving us one. Kalamazoo outfit Dead Scene Radio gives listeners an EP full of music that could only come from Michigan, but plays well anywhere. Its sound is so tight and solid it breaks the […]

  • Dead Scene Radio EP Reviews

    The EP has been seeing positive reviews all around. As always, hit up the Store to order yourself a copy. One particularly nice review the EP has seen was from “Dead Scene Radio is what you get when you smash Elvis Costello-like vocals with Bob Dylan-ish lyrics and a smidgen of electric guitar – […]

  • Dead Scene Radio Shows, EP Sales

    So the EP has been available at shows for a while now, and we’re seeing pretty positive responses from a lot of people. If you’ve bought a copy, thank you! If you still haven’t, head over to the store and pick one up! If you check out Dead Scene Radio’s page, you can see some […]

  • Dead Scene Radio

    I first saw a young man named Jake Simmons play a solo show at a lovely little all-ages venue in South Haven, MI. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I remember thinking that he wrote and sang songs that, for someone as young as he seemed, were well beyond his years. And it didn’t hurt […]

  • New Release From Attraction Records!

    All of us here at Attraction Records would like to welcome our friends Dead Scene Radio to the family! We’ve been working closely with the band on an EP for a while now, and its going out to press today! We’ll have it out sometime next month (street date TBA), but for now, you can […]

  • Wake Up, Be Jealous!

    So hey! The new Darts LP is out now! You can pick it up at shows, and we’ll have it up for sale in the store soon. In the meantime, check out the latest single, Blood on the Sun on our MySpace, and another tune on The Darts MySpace page. And if you ABSOLUTELY MUST […]

  • More free music from Attraction Records!

    Once again, we’re bringing you free tunes for your listening pleasure! In the holiday spirit, the Darts went into the studio, finalized the arrangement, wrote the last lyrics, recorded and mixed this festive holiday tune – all in one evening! What is it called? Head over to our MySpace page or click the link below […]

  • Darts Album Progress!

    So we have officially begun tracking of drums for the new Darts album. We’re pretty pumped about it, and there’s going to be some great tunes on this record. Ian!

  • Meijer Shows a Success

    So the Darts shows at Meijer were a lot of fun. Weird, but a lot of fun. Weird because we were playing in a department store – in the Infants and Toddlers section, no less – and fun because everyone was nice, and we got some good responses from some people who hadn’t even heard […]